Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Benefits of Jumping Rope Workout

Exercising is an essential factor to stay fit and active throughout the life. It keeps you active, strong, flexible and healthy. Mostly people take it as an option and not perform on a regular basis. On the other hand many health conscious like to add it in their regular routine but don’t know the correct way to do so. Both the conditions lead you to an unhealthy lifestyle with multiple ailments.

The most common objection of not doing exercise is not having enough time and it seems a fantasy for many to include a workout in their daily routine. However, no matter what workout you choose to stay fit, the aim is to keep a balance in consuming and burning calories. You don’t need any particular equipment or gym accessories when a simple rope can do wonders for you. Jumping rope is one of the easiest and fun ways to perform on daily basis. Below are some of the benefits of jumping rope are discussed:

  • People generally consider jumping rope a kids’ game but actually it offers a lot of health benefits for all age groups. It’s a fun way to add in your workout routine to tone up the muscles and burning the calories. A 10 minute skipping rope at a steady pace can assist you to burn 100 calories.

  • It’s a complete body workout that includes all the major body parts in the workout. Swinging arm motions work on upper body and jumping motions work on the lower body. Jumping rope includes a number of large muscles both in upper body and lower body in order to keep you fit. The jumping movement may help you in strengthening your lower body muscles including thighs, calves, and abs. It also works on arms and shoulders. It also doesn’t affect your knees as running does.

  • Jumping rope is a cardiovascular workout that increases the heart rate. The increased heart rate can strengthen your heart and lung capacity. To reap the benefits of a healthy heart and lungs, jumping rope is good to choose. This particular cardiovascular activity enhances your metabolism levels and also tends to burn excess fat.

  • Skipping ropes are easier and cheaper to buy and it’s one of the common workouts which include no certain exercise equipment. The only need is of a good jumping rope and enough to move space. It’s a fun and inexpensive way that is far different, easier and inexpensive option rather than visiting a gym. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cardio Pilates Workout for a Fun Workout Regimen

Pilates exercises are a relatively new concept which has proved its benefits in such short time. It’s a complete body workout that makes you able to work on mind and body together. Pilates is usually included with graceful movements and repeated motions in order to make you fit. However, Cardio Pilates, which is also known as “Cardiolates”, is a newer notion in Pilates that focuses on both building muscles and losing fats. Usually Pilates and Cardiovascular workouts take as opposed to each other. As in cardio workouts people have to move fast and continual in order to maintain a pace to burn calories and to increase their heart rate. Hence, Pilates is a workout that is included with subtle and graceful poses. Pilates develop whole body via promoting muscle development and strength. Pilates works on muscle flexibility and increased range of motion for joints. 

Benefits of Cardio
Cardio exercises are related to those workouts that raise your heart rate and keep it high for a certain period of time. They are also called aerobics including running, jogging, skipping, swimming etc. Cardiovascular exercises improve heart rate, metabolism rate, strength and stamina. It has been reported in many researches that cardiovascular exercises are essential for a healthy life. They are a great option to lose weight and burning calories fast.
Benefits of Pilates
Pilates is a way of life for a number of people these days. It works more than an exercise program like a bridge between muscles and brain. Pilates is a fitness program created by Joseph Pilates earlier in nineteenth century. It is completely opposed to cardio workout. It focuses on delicate and subtle moves to develop flexibility and lean and long muscles. Pilates movements generally focuses on particular muscle work, enhancing flexibility, controlled breathing and a range of motion. Basically Pilates is based on strengthening and stretching moves.
Cardio Pilates Benefits
Cardio Exercises seem to be different than Pilates due to intensity and pace of moves. Pilates generally and technically cannot consider as cardio but it can produce great effects when combined with cardio. Doing Pilates in a cardio way is somehow interesting and result oriented technique. Cardio Pilates workout is one of the best strategies to lose weight, build muscles and eliminate fats from your body. 

Pilates emphasizes on controlled breathing and firm movements and cardio workouts include fast and vigorous movements. Combining both means you have to focus on making subtle movements in a fast way that increases the intensity of exercises. Conventional Pilates involves stretching the body into certain poses to enhance flexibility and strength. These moves help in toning and developing the muscles.

Cardio Pilates is something new in workouts to combine slow and graceful Pilates movements with aerobic exercises. Pilates tones the body via including core abdominal muscles effectively and cardio takes care of burning calories. In order to maintain the pace mostly equipments are used in cardio Pilates workout like Pilates Reformer, rebounders and jump boards. The combined workout will assist in maintaining the posture and improving the flexibility. It is suggested by experts to perform cardio workout before Pilates.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Health Benefits of Aerobic Activities

Exercises are a major part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to move systematically to live a fit, smart and ailment free life. There are a number of exercises that one can perform as per their fitness level and desired results i.e. yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Cardiovascular exercises and a lot more. Aerobic exercise is such fun way to add in your daily routine with a lot of fun activities.

What is Aerobic?

The word aerobic simply means ‘with air’ or ‘with oxygen’ which simply indicates the manner of the workout. An aerobic activity involves all the movements that require a lot of oxygen and also provide a lot of oxygen to our large body muscles. An aerobic activity is the particular repetitive movement in a certain period of time that increases your heart rate. In this regard it also increases the rate of respiration and consequently the oxygen consumption. It is important to know that in order to get the benefits of an aerobic workout one should perform the repetitive task for about 20 to 30 minutes. This duration of continuous activity leads the cardiovascular system and lungs to process and transport oxygen quickly all over the body. Running, cycling, swimming, dancing, climbing and jumping are some of the most known types of Aerobic activities.

Importance of Aerobics

  • Performing the aerobics regularly strengthens the heart muscles. It makes it possible for heart to work more efficiently and pump large amount of blood with each stroke.

  • They assist in increasing the oxygen level in blood and to transport it throughout the body efficiently. Aerobic exercises help in improving the cardiovascular conditions and also in lowering the blood pressure.

  • Regular aerobics exercises enhance the resistance power and energy levels. They relieve a person via releasing endorphins in the body that help in reducing anxiety and depressive behavior. Aerobics enhances a sense of well being.

  • Aerobic activities are a perfect option to keep the body tones and fit. They assist in toning individual muscle groups and also help in building muscles throughout the body. They particularly stimulate bone growth and reduce the risks of osteoporosis in both, men and women.

  • Aerobic exercises reduce insulin resistance in the body via improving glucose metabolism. This is how the risk of diabetes is minimized. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Demand For Male Skin Health Products On The Rise

Men spend less on skin care products than women but today, men all over the world are becoming more conscious of their skin than in the past. They now seek information and pay particular attention to new skin products targeting males.  The market for skin care products specifically for men rose by 9% in 2010 and is expected to grow by 16% in 2014. With more information now available advising men to take care of their skin, this projection can grow even more.

Men with sensitive skin deal with problems related to acne, rashes and razor burns and would need more effort to get healthier facial skin. Their facial skin tend to be oilier than women’s because of testosterone production. It’s no longer acceptable for a man to look oily;  they are expected to have grooming habits that are at par with those of women.

Men seem to be particularly attracted to moisturizers, astringents and cleansers, emphasizing the increased awareness that personal hygiene is a major factor in the quality of  the skin. Unlike in women, men seek products that are glycerin based and niacinamide based since they minimize transpidermal loss of water after shaving.  With the growing concern for the harmful effects of sun exposure, men also look for products that provide effective sun screen.

Men will benefit from the use of cleansers and toners that are developed according to their skin type.  Shaving products are now available that reduce skin irritation and dryness as well as relief for oily skin. Further, many anti aging products can help men reverse aging factors to improve facial lines and wrinkles .

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Possibility for Women with Estrogen-Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer?

3There is hope today. Yes, there is hope for the one in eight. There is hope for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.
That’s not to say that there never was before, of course. Certainly there was – thanks in part to the tireless efforts to raise breast cancer awareness through pink promotional item campaigns – already hope for the millions of women suffering from breast cancer. If by nothing else, that reality is evidenced by the more than 2.6 million U.S. breast cancer survivors the non-profit Breast cancer.org says there were in 2011.

Now, however, there is new hope for women who are suffering from estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer. Findings from a newly completed study that was conducted by Australian scientists show that a specific change occurring when tumors become immune to anti-estrogen therapy has the possibility to make the cancer vulnerable to chemotherapy drug treatments. 

The 70 percent of breast cancer patients who have the estrogen-receptor-positive variety typically experience positive results when anti-estrogen therapy is administered. That is, they do for the first few years, at least. Tragically, though, half of them experience a relapse inside of 15 years and eventually lose the fight against the disease.

The new findings out of Australia present at least a sliver of raised hope that that may one day no longer be the case. In conjunction with Cardiff University scientists, doctors and professors from Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research were able to demonstrate that the BCL-2 gene becomes epigenetically “silent” in resistant tumors.
What exactly does that mean?

"The main purpose of the BCL-2 gene is to keep cells alive, so when the gene is silenced, cells become more vulnerable to chemotherapy," said Dr. Andrew Stone.

This discovery, then, is potentially a major step forward in the treatment of breast cancer. It’s too early to start promoting a new miracle breast cancer treatment, though. There’s still a long way to go before the findings effect change in that 50 percent figure. The findings must now be tested through clinical studies.

Still, the study’s conductors are hopeful.
“We propose that if the BCL-2 gene is silenced, patients with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer would benefit from combination therapy,” said Stone. “In other words, tamoxifen could be used in combination with a chemotherapy drug, to kill off vulnerable tumor cells.

"Excitingly, this is something that could be implemented into clinical practice very quickly, since the technology now exists to profile methylation of BCL-2 in all patients -- both estrogen responsive and estrogen resistant patients. In addition, the proposed chemotherapy drugs are already in use."

It’s his belief that this test could prove helpful to shut down tumors in patients at an early stage. It’s only a hopeful belief at this time, but, with so many tragically dying when the current treatment options fail and the tumors spread to other parts of the body, hope is at least something positive to hold onto.

Nail Biting Habit: Causes and Impacts

Nail biting is one of the most common oral compulsive habits in children, teenagers and adolescents even you can observe older adults also having the bad habit of biting finger nails. According to studies this habit is at its peak in between the age of 10 to 18. Most of the nail biters have sore and red fingertips due to bite the nails beyond the nail beds and bite them till they bleed. They may get infections through this bad habit. Nail Biters tend to hide their hands because of the unpleasant look of fingers and nails. Some of the psychological deficiencies can occur while having a constant embarrassment feeling. It hurts the self esteem and confidence as well. It is interesting to know that boys are more prone to the nail biting habit than girls. 

•    Causes of Nail Biting:

Inactivity, boredom, stress and anxiety are some of the common causes of nail biting. Some researches show that lacking or excess of stimulation is one of the main triggers of biting the nails to release the tension. It may also happen when a person feels guilty for some of the reasons. This is a certain way of them to punish them by hurting like this. 

Genetics can be a particular reason of biting the finger nails. This bad habit may runs in the family. Children tend to copy their parents or other adults in the family and develop the nail biting habit. Some of the people bite their nails due to inactivity. When they have nothing to do they unconsciously start biting their nails while watching a movie or during reading books. In other serious cases people bite their nails during sleeping and this is the most alarming situation of having certain hidden emotional disorders. Some of the latest theories suggest that vitamin deficiency may lead the habit of nail biting.
•    Impacts of Nail Biting:

Continuous nail biting is too bad for skin, fingers and nails. It may cause certain infections in nail beds. The area where skin meets the nails may become too painful. Biting the soft tissues around the nails can cause bleeding, swelling and soreness. The bacteria that are present in saliva can lead to infections and a particular health ailment known as paronchia. People may have the oral infections due to the germs accumulated under the nails. Continuous nail biting is harmful for the front teeth as well. It puts a lot of pressure on them regularly. Gum infection and cavities are common in nail biters.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Take Care of your Eyesight

Screens of computers, laptops, televisions or even cell phones screens, play a major role in ruining our eyesight. Our eyes are often being overworked with the rise of the technology. Poor vision is one of the most common health problems around the globe.  It is important to take a break from your work and be cautious about improving your eye sight with simple healthy changes in your lifestyle to keep them healthy. Blurred vision, black spots, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration are some of the common vision problems. Eye care is the other most required thing after maintaining a healthy diet and workout regimen for overall health and fitness.

There are many reasons of having eye problems and it is sensible to focus on your eyesight health to improve your vision naturally:

Having Balanced Diet:

Having balanced diet is the key to perfect overall health. Our diet plays a major role to take care of our vision. Certain dietary approaches might be useful in improving eyesight. Protein intake is specifically imperative for healthy eyes. Carrots are widely known for better eyesight. They are rich in vitamin A which eliminates the risk of night blindness. Carrots are having most nutrients including vitamins K and C and the important mineral potassium. Fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables, spinach, berries, avocado are other nutritious foods for eye health. A number of cold water fishes like sardines, cod, tuna etc. are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help greatly in improving eyesight. Zinc and vitamin E also work to protect tissues to improve quality of vision.

Exercises to Improve Eyesight:

There are a number of eye exercises that may be beneficial for your vision. Your ocular muscles get strong through certain eye exercises. These practices allow your eyes to focus, move and adjust their vision fats. Eye exercises also help in adjusting the vision of both the eyes in unison. Focusing your vision on an object, keep changing the vision from a farther object to nearer repeatedly and rotating the eye balls are some simple eye exercises that can be done anywhere anytime. These certain movements strengthen your eye muscles and sharpen your vision.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Perform Natural Body Cleanse

The stress of today’s life not let us focusing on our health properly. Late night sleeps, working hard and eating junk food (on what-is-available basis) are resulted as weight gain, depression, indigestion, fatigue, skin problems, acne etc. Taking your well being seriously is important for your overall health. Natural body cleansing and detoxification is vital to live a quality life. The accumulated waste products, unwanted deposits and toxins should be flushed out of the body. Their existence inside the body can be harmful. Flushing away the impurities is the key to lead a healthy life.
The specific process of eliminating the wastage from the body is known as detoxification. This is related with following a healthy routine to assist your body system to get rid of the toxic and harmful stuffs. This can be done in a variety of ways by taking cleansing diets including certain liquids and a few robust practices. Here are some effective tips for natural body cleansing:
Plan a Cleansing Calendar: Once in every three months is the standard for an adult to take a natural cleanse diet for a week. Keep a keen eye on your diet, eliminate meat and dairy products completely, drink lots and lots of water, stick to raw vegetables and fruits, and avoid spices and dressings on the food for the whole week.

Avoid Chemicals: Stay away from chemicals and avoid artificial ingredients. Strictly do not allow yourself to eat anything that is not natural. It’s essential for an organic cleansing. Stay away from chemicals such as preservatives, additives, food flavors and colors. Apart from eating, be cautious to use chemicals on your skin via cosmetics. Pollution, smoking, secondhand smoking, hard drinks should also be avoided.

Hydrate yourself: Drinking lots of water helps you in eliminating harmful substances from your body. Water makes the liver function well. Other healthy drinks including green tea, natural fruit and vegetable drinks can be taken during the natural body cleanse.

Focus on Plant Diet: Vegetables and fruits are a must to focus during a natural body cleanse. The idea of eating only natural foods is to promote overall health. Try to consume raw vegetables and full fruits with fiber instead of juices. Eliminate meat completely from your diet when cleanse is in process or keep its quantity as less as possible.

Exercise: Regular exercising has many benefits including remove the toxins by the way of sweat. Exercise keeps your weight in limits and increases the amount of oxygen in the body. It’s essential to maintain physical fitness to positively assist in living a vigorous life.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Detoxification: A Natural Body Cleanse Process

 A normal person is exposed to a number of toxins and environmental hazards in a day. No matter you are staying in home environment or go outside the chemical danger is there for you. These toxic substances are nearby in whatever you eat or drink even whatever you inhale. Your body system, cells, organs, tissues and immune system negatively affect by the hazardous stuff. If you are feeling sluggish and tired then it’s the sign that your body may need a detox to purify and remove toxins. To live a healthy life, detoxification is the process that you need on a regular basis. It is a body cleansing process to prevent your body of harmful toxins. 

There is nothing complicated in natural body cleansing process. You just have to be keen and cautious in not putting anything unhealthy in your diet. It’s a misconception that a bizarre combination of all raw, uncooked, tasteless food is vital for cleansing your body. People focus on laxatives, colonics and a number of ‘flushing’ methods for a natural body cleanse which can do more harm than good to your body. Overuse of colonics or laxatives can cause infections and complications such as dehydration, laxative dependency or chronic constipation. Here are few tips to get maximum benefits from your body cleanse process:

As a first step you have to clean out your pantry, refrigerator and kitchen of any type of refined and processed food. Prepackaged and fast foods are not allowed during the process. You should avoid all refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and other processed items.

Focus on eating whole, organic foods. Get most of the required calories from fruits and vegetables. Stick with a combination of lean meat, nuts, grains, raw and fresh fruits, green vegetables, seeds, fish and essential fatty acids such as olive oil. Avoid adding a large amount of meat in your diet.

Stop all unnatural and unhealthy items to enter your body. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, soft drinks as well. It is also important to include natural soaps and shampoos in daily usage rather than any special kind of soap or shampoo.

Water is the key ingredient to focus throughout the cleansing process. Drink a lot of water from 32 to 64 oz per day. It’s better to focus on water and herbal teas rather than juices.

Regular Exercising is vital to release stress and tension from the life. Focus on yoga or any practice of deep breathing to relieve tension. Regular deep breathing practice will decrease toxins in your body. Aerobics and cardio exercises are also great stress relievers.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Top 5 Shaving Tips for African American Women

We do it every day. But shaving can be tricky when your skin doesn't always cooperate with you. This can be especially true for African American women like me. Just one wrong move and you can suffer for weeks. Here are 5 shaving tips that will help you get the best each time.
1. Shave after 6pm
Sounds weird, I know. But shaving should be done at night. Our skin does all of its healing and renewing while we sleep. And we are not subjected to damaging elements such as wind and sun rays.
At night, subconsciously we are in relaxation mode. We move around less so there's less skin-to-skin contact or rubbing against our skin. Freshly shaved skin is ultra-delicate. The less contact it has, the better.
2. Dare to Go Bare
Again, sounds weird. But it goes back to skin-to-skin contact. After shaving, our skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation. Friction from clothing just makes matters worse. Try to keep freshly shave areas free from clothing.
3. Remove Dead Skin
Exfoliating is a fancy way of saying removing dead skin. Taking time to exfoliate before shaving will create a smooth foundation for your razor. A smoother surface = less nicks. Just imagine roller skating on rocks - yeah, not good. Now, picture roller skating on a dance floor. That's what exfoliation does for shaving. It creates the perfect canvas for the razor "to roll."
3. Use Baby Oil
Baby oil and shaving are the perfect combination. Baby oil creates the perfect surface for the razor. It's slippery nature reduces tugging on the skin giving the razor more freedom to glide. The results are an incredibly easy shaving experience. Other shaving creams and gels are ok too. But I just adore the results I get with baby oil.
4. Rinse But Don't Repeat
Shave each area once - maybe twice. Shaving the same area repeatedly will irritate your skin. If you exfoliate first and use baby oil or shaving cream, you should not need to repeat many times. If you're finding yourself wanting to repeat an area then that's a pretty good indication your razor is dull and needs to replaced.
Orphaned hair can be annoying, I know. But fight the temptation to re-shave. The best thing to do is tweeze away anything that's left behind.
5. Let Your Hair Direct Traffic
Listen to your hair. The direction of growth will tell you which way to run the razor against your skin. You should never (ever) shave against your hair's growth pattern. If hair is growing downward, run your razor in a downward motion. The same applies for when hair grows upward or even sideways.