Monday, July 29, 2013

Demand For Male Skin Health Products On The Rise

Men spend less on skin care products than women but today, men all over the world are becoming more conscious of their skin than in the past. They now seek information and pay particular attention to new skin products targeting males.  The market for skin care products specifically for men rose by 9% in 2010 and is expected to grow by 16% in 2014. With more information now available advising men to take care of their skin, this projection can grow even more.

Men with sensitive skin deal with problems related to acne, rashes and razor burns and would need more effort to get healthier facial skin. Their facial skin tend to be oilier than women’s because of testosterone production. It’s no longer acceptable for a man to look oily;  they are expected to have grooming habits that are at par with those of women.

Men seem to be particularly attracted to moisturizers, astringents and cleansers, emphasizing the increased awareness that personal hygiene is a major factor in the quality of  the skin. Unlike in women, men seek products that are glycerin based and niacinamide based since they minimize transpidermal loss of water after shaving.  With the growing concern for the harmful effects of sun exposure, men also look for products that provide effective sun screen.

Men will benefit from the use of cleansers and toners that are developed according to their skin type.  Shaving products are now available that reduce skin irritation and dryness as well as relief for oily skin. Further, many anti aging products can help men reverse aging factors to improve facial lines and wrinkles .

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