Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nail Biting Habit: Causes and Impacts

Nail biting is one of the most common oral compulsive habits in children, teenagers and adolescents even you can observe older adults also having the bad habit of biting finger nails. According to studies this habit is at its peak in between the age of 10 to 18. Most of the nail biters have sore and red fingertips due to bite the nails beyond the nail beds and bite them till they bleed. They may get infections through this bad habit. Nail Biters tend to hide their hands because of the unpleasant look of fingers and nails. Some of the psychological deficiencies can occur while having a constant embarrassment feeling. It hurts the self esteem and confidence as well. It is interesting to know that boys are more prone to the nail biting habit than girls. 

•    Causes of Nail Biting:

Inactivity, boredom, stress and anxiety are some of the common causes of nail biting. Some researches show that lacking or excess of stimulation is one of the main triggers of biting the nails to release the tension. It may also happen when a person feels guilty for some of the reasons. This is a certain way of them to punish them by hurting like this. 

Genetics can be a particular reason of biting the finger nails. This bad habit may runs in the family. Children tend to copy their parents or other adults in the family and develop the nail biting habit. Some of the people bite their nails due to inactivity. When they have nothing to do they unconsciously start biting their nails while watching a movie or during reading books. In other serious cases people bite their nails during sleeping and this is the most alarming situation of having certain hidden emotional disorders. Some of the latest theories suggest that vitamin deficiency may lead the habit of nail biting.
•    Impacts of Nail Biting:

Continuous nail biting is too bad for skin, fingers and nails. It may cause certain infections in nail beds. The area where skin meets the nails may become too painful. Biting the soft tissues around the nails can cause bleeding, swelling and soreness. The bacteria that are present in saliva can lead to infections and a particular health ailment known as paronchia. People may have the oral infections due to the germs accumulated under the nails. Continuous nail biting is harmful for the front teeth as well. It puts a lot of pressure on them regularly. Gum infection and cavities are common in nail biters.

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