Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cardio Pilates Workout for a Fun Workout Regimen

Pilates exercises are a relatively new concept which has proved its benefits in such short time. It’s a complete body workout that makes you able to work on mind and body together. Pilates is usually included with graceful movements and repeated motions in order to make you fit. However, Cardio Pilates, which is also known as “Cardiolates”, is a newer notion in Pilates that focuses on both building muscles and losing fats. Usually Pilates and Cardiovascular workouts take as opposed to each other. As in cardio workouts people have to move fast and continual in order to maintain a pace to burn calories and to increase their heart rate. Hence, Pilates is a workout that is included with subtle and graceful poses. Pilates develop whole body via promoting muscle development and strength. Pilates works on muscle flexibility and increased range of motion for joints. 

Benefits of Cardio
Cardio exercises are related to those workouts that raise your heart rate and keep it high for a certain period of time. They are also called aerobics including running, jogging, skipping, swimming etc. Cardiovascular exercises improve heart rate, metabolism rate, strength and stamina. It has been reported in many researches that cardiovascular exercises are essential for a healthy life. They are a great option to lose weight and burning calories fast.
Benefits of Pilates
Pilates is a way of life for a number of people these days. It works more than an exercise program like a bridge between muscles and brain. Pilates is a fitness program created by Joseph Pilates earlier in nineteenth century. It is completely opposed to cardio workout. It focuses on delicate and subtle moves to develop flexibility and lean and long muscles. Pilates movements generally focuses on particular muscle work, enhancing flexibility, controlled breathing and a range of motion. Basically Pilates is based on strengthening and stretching moves.
Cardio Pilates Benefits
Cardio Exercises seem to be different than Pilates due to intensity and pace of moves. Pilates generally and technically cannot consider as cardio but it can produce great effects when combined with cardio. Doing Pilates in a cardio way is somehow interesting and result oriented technique. Cardio Pilates workout is one of the best strategies to lose weight, build muscles and eliminate fats from your body. 

Pilates emphasizes on controlled breathing and firm movements and cardio workouts include fast and vigorous movements. Combining both means you have to focus on making subtle movements in a fast way that increases the intensity of exercises. Conventional Pilates involves stretching the body into certain poses to enhance flexibility and strength. These moves help in toning and developing the muscles.

Cardio Pilates is something new in workouts to combine slow and graceful Pilates movements with aerobic exercises. Pilates tones the body via including core abdominal muscles effectively and cardio takes care of burning calories. In order to maintain the pace mostly equipments are used in cardio Pilates workout like Pilates Reformer, rebounders and jump boards. The combined workout will assist in maintaining the posture and improving the flexibility. It is suggested by experts to perform cardio workout before Pilates.

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